Hey, I'm Amani!

I'm a sucker for raw and soppy moments, I get a real buzz capturing unique & intimate memories, especially when I can embrace my creativity to the fullest. I’m always looking for inspiration for my next couple. I only want to do the utmost justice to your story & the next chapters of your lives.

I’m here to help you capture your special day, with my signature documentary style, capturing candid, intimate moments shared between you and your loved ones.

The tears. The laughter. The smiles. My number one priority is to capture all of the emotions! I want my photos to tell each individual story and transport my clients back to each and every moment.

I'm not just your photographer- I'm your friend, your agony aunt, your sister, your bridesmaid, your therapist, your shoulder to cry on and your guide to all things wedding!

Let's work together on creating everlasting memories. It's more than taking a picture, it's about capturing real moments, real emotion and the natural beauty of your love story.


Supriya & Prem

1 / 5

"We absolutely love every single one!

They have come out exactly how I had envisioned! Thank you so much for making us feel comfortable, we had such a laugh during the shoot, and I felt very relaxed, as I knew I could leave you to do your thing- thanks to the consultation we had ahead of the shoot.

I feel so lucky to have come across you! It's the first actual wedding related thing that we've been able to do given the situation, and I cannot thank you enough for capturing these precious moments!"

1 / 5